You only need a browser to play the game. If playing on a laptop or desktop, tap the space bar to get the dinosaur running or press the up arrow. On a mobile, tablet, or other devices without keyboards, just tap the dinosaur.

Crashing the dinosaur into any obstacle will instantly result in the game being over. Tap the spacebar or the up arrow key to start the game again on your computer. If playing on any device without a keyboard, just tap the dinosaur to have another go.


The objective of the game is to ensure that the dinosaur gets through the obstacles in the desert. There’s the spiky cactus, the pterodactyls, and the meteor. Of the three, the meteor is the rarest but it can be a common sight for someone who’s played the game plenty of times.

Aside from the obstacles, a few special features appear randomly throughout the game that makes it more interesting and they are the birthday cake, birthday hat, Easter egg, and balloons.

Curious how long will it take you to finish the game? We don’t recommend staying up the whole night to find out because it’s going to take you 17 million years. But because no one can play the game that long, the developers designed the game in a way that it will reset itself after you reach the highest score of 99,999.

A tip if you’re looking to hit that high score, make the jump early! The longer you wait to jump, the higher chances of the dino colliding with the obstacles.

So, there you have it! What are you waiting for? Get the dinosaur running and jumping now!